Resistance thermometer with welded on blank flanges

Resistance thermometers with welded blank flanges (54-WFL) are used for temperature measurements in gaseous or fluid media such as air, steam, water or oil.


Distinctive characteristic of these sensors is a blank flange welded to or onto the protective tube, most commonly pursuant to DIN EN 1092, enabling a sealed connection of the sensor with the respective wall of an over- or under-pressure facility as can be found in power plants, for example.

Both the employed protection tube and the blank flanges should consist of the same material if possible.

When particularly quick recognition of temperature changes are required, we recommend the use of sensors with a tapered protective tube tip.

For specialised applications (precision, long-term stability, etc.) we recommend the application of precision resistors with narrowed tolerance.

Resistance values and tolerances of our resistance thermometers are pursuant to DIN EN 60751.

Application Examples for Resistance Thermometers with Welded Blank Flanges

Our resistance thermometers are also available in explosion protected ATEX models.

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