Thermocouples with metal protection tube and thermocouple

Straight line thermocouple assemblies with metal protective tubes (00-TMT) are used, depending on the properties of the protective tube, for common temperature measurements in liquid, gaseous or plastic mediums up to a temperature of 1200°C.


The protective fittings of this product line are composed of seam welded or seamlessly drawn metal tubing. Depending on the application, GÜNTHER GmbH has over 40 different, partly high-alloyed materials in a large array of measurements in stock. The tips for the protective tubes are closed either through hot forming or welded shut with a bottom blank.

Tapered measuring tips may be used in this product line in order to shorten the reaction time. For prolonging the holding time, strengthening the wall thickness and utilization of ceramic inner tubing are possible.
All internationally prevalent thermocouple pairs, detachable process connectors (for example mobile flanges or threaded sleeves) and connection heads are employed.

The selected thermocouple and/or protective tube material with the lowest permissible operating temperature defines the maximum operating temperature of the entire thermocouple assembly.

Thermoelectric voltages and tolerances of our thermocouples are pursuant to DIN EN 60584, Class 1. For specialised thermal sensors, whose construction and components require technical clarification, we engineer customized solutions. Please contact us about your specific application requirements in reference to material and assembly and we will develop your optimized individual solution.

Application Examples for Thermocouple Assemblies with Metal Protective Tube: