Technical Information

7. Limiting deviations

The limiting deviations of the resistances are divided into two classes in the DIN EN 60751:

  Class A Class B
Max. deviation at 0°C (+/-) 0,15°C 0,3°C
Max. deviation at 200°C (+/-) 0,55°C 1,3°C
Max. deviation at 400°C (+/-) 0,95°C 2,3°C
Max. deviation at 600°C (+/-) 1,35°C 3,3°C

Tab.: Permissible limiting deviation of platinum sensor resistances according to DIN EN 60751

Ill.: The max. permissible limiting

Ill.: The max. permissible limiting

Deviations which are core fixed in the DIN EN 60751 must be kept core fixed over the entire temperature range in the standard. With limiting deviations core fixed between the manufacturer and operators e.g. 1/3 DIN, (thus resistances with maximum a third of the limiting deviation permissible according to DIN) the temperature range of the application site is to be indicated when ordering.