Flange thermocouples with blank flanges welded on

Thermocouple assemblies with welded blank flange (13-TFL) are used to measure temperatures in gaseous or fluid media, such as air, steam, water or oil.


Distinctive characteristic of these sensors is a blank flange welded to or onto the protective sheath, most commonly pursuant to DIN EN 1092, enabling a tight connection of the sensor with the respective wall of an over- or under-pressure facility as can be found in power plants, for example.

Sensors in this component assembly contain either a thermocouple with ceramic insulation or an exchangeable mineral-insulated gauge slide.

Preferred Application Environments:

  • Containers and Piping
  • Instruments and Machinery
  • Laboratories
  • Testing Facilities
  • Process Technology
  • Energy Production und Heat Distribution
  • Food and Beverage Industry
  • Plant and Machine Construction
Thermoelectric voltages and tolerances of our thermocouples and mineral-insulated gauge slides are pursuant to DIN EN 60584, Class 1, for thermocouples and mineral-insulated gauge slides of Type L pursuant to DIN 43710.

Application Examples for Thermocouple Assemblies with Welded Blank Flange