Thermocouples with precious metal protective sleeves

Straight line Thermocouple Assemblies with Noble Metal Protective Tube (08-TMP) are used in the glass industry for temperature measurement in glass melting.  The applied protection tubes consist of alloyed noble metals. In order to meet the extreme environment conditions, only high grade materials are used in production.


A large selection of various dimensions and platinum alloys are available from stock in order to ensure fast delivery times. Aside from alloying with other metals such as iridium and rhodium, we offer dispersion-hardened protection tubes and platinum coated ceramic pipes.

Thermocouples are available as required, in single, double or triple element version.

Also, GÜNTHER GmbH will deliver bubbler pipes or glass level probes in various versions according to customer specifications.

Thermoelectric voltages and tolerances are pursuant to DIN EN 60584, class 1 for thermocouple types S and R, class 2 for thermocouple type B.

Application temperatures for platinum-Rhodium platinum-thermoelectric pairs

Type Diameter Maximum
S 0,35 mm 1350°C
S 0,50 mm 1600°C
R 0,35 mm 1350°C
R 0,50 mm 1600°C
B 0,35 mm 1600°C
B 0,50 mm 1800°C

Thermocouples with precious metal protective sleeves are mostly applied in these industrial branches:

 GÜNTHER GmbH has been a supplier of Thermocouples for over 40 years to the following sectors of the glass industry:

  • Container Glass
  • Fibreglass
  • Sheet Glass
  • Glass Wool
  • Special-Purpose Glas
  • Dinnerware Glass
  • Medical Glass