Corona - how we act

Information on how we deal with the current corona situation

To minimize the risk for a disruption of our operations we have identified several key areas.
These are:

The GÜNTHER group has 5 European production locations. Located in Germany (2), The Netherlands, Poland and Romania. In case of a Corona outbreak we have the possibility to shift production.
Also, in all our locations we have key persons with in depth knowledge of our products, production and businesses. So they can support each other in case of staff shortage.
This has not yet been necessary.

Working environment
In all locations protocols are in place reduce the risk of people infecting each other and to comply with the countries governmental regulations and advices.

Supply chain management
Our policy is to work with at least 2  suppliers for strategical components, each supplier will supply different components but will be able to supply the component of the other supplier as well, when needed.
We have increased our stocks, with extra emphasis on the critical components, to cope with disruptions in the supply chain.

These measures have been proven to be effective.
During the first, unforeseen, wave we were able to deliver our products in conformity with the requests of our customers. They will help us also to cope with new outbreaks.

Must been said, as the Corona spread is worldwide and unpredictable, we cannot guarantee that we never will have a business interruption due to a Corona outbreak. We do guarantee that we do everything which is in our power to support our customers.

If possible, we advise our customers to increase their stocks themselves for products which are needed repeatedly or are critical to their processes.

Stay healthy!
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